Beautiful Elsa

Questions & Answers

I have never hired a companion before. What should I expect?

- Here are links to guides that will provide you with helpful information about the kind of intimate rendez-vous that you are looking for: Big Doggie's Top 10 Client Tips - Perkel's Men Guide to using Escorts - Dear Client (Requires Adobe Reader)

I am not in a hotel. Will you come to my residence or motel room? - I will meet you in your residence if you provide me with the phone number that connects to it and it has to be a land line listed in a phone directory. I do not visit motels.

Are you a GFE (Girlfriend Experience)? - I provide unrushed attention and sensual cuddling to my gentleman, and in that intimate sense I am a girlfriend experience. However, over the years the meaning of GFE has been thwarted to designate unprotected services. Please note that I do not engage in such acts.

Is it possible to meet you for a drink beforehand so I can see if we will get along?

- I will only meet you at your private room, unless some circumstances make it impossible for me to do so. I have made a detailed website to help you decide whether or not we are compatible so if you are still unsure, please read my whole website again.

Do you partake in fetishes or domination? Do you have any restrictions? - I do not offer fetish or domination activities. If you must ask about my restrictions, we will not be suitable for each other.

Do you have a phone number? Can I speak to you before we commit to something?

- I do not provide a phone number. I am sorry for those of you who have genuine intentions, but unfortunately many people would abuse the courtesy and engage in inappropriate conversations. The only time that we will speak on the phone is 30 or 45 minutes before our date for the final confirmation.

Is there a discount if a part of our time together happens in a social setting?

- All amounts that are indicated on the Donations page are for my time and not negociable. I do not offer free "off the clock" time.

Can you provide me with a picture showing your face?

- For obvious privacy reasons I do not show my face on this website and I will not send such pictures.

Do you provide incalls? If you rent a hotel room, I will pay for all expenses.

- As I have stated on the Donations page I do not provide incalls. I do not rent accomodations on behalf of another person, but you can rent the room yourself and we will make it an outcall.

Do you offer half-hour sessions?

- Such a short period of time does not allow me to build the proper chemistry required for a fulfilling experience for both of us so I will not reply to such requests.

Do you travel outside of the Greater Montreal area?

- I cannot travel very long distances for an appointment. However, I might set up a tour to other Canadian cities in the future, but I do not know when or if this will ever materialize.

Is it possible to arrange a date for the same day?

- Unfortunately I have a busy schedule so getting to meet you the day that you send your request is impossible.

I have sent you an email, but I did not receive a reply. How can that be?

- Chemistry between both of us is very important to me, so I do not reply to vulgar, crude or poor correspondence, like emails that are unsigned (I like to know who I correspond with) or written in chatroom style (I want 2 c ya b4 9pm). If you ask me something that is covered on my website, I will refer you to it.

How do you feel about "escort reviews"? May I write one about our time together?

- Although they are useful to avoid those who do not have good business ethics and to help finding the right person for you, it is necessary to be able to read between the lines and see that a lady who is suitable for one reviewer might not be for you. If you must write a review about me, whether positive or negative, please do so in a courteous manner and keep the intimate details private between us.